5 Ways to build a better Speakup culture

October 26, 2023
5 ways

The most common challenges.

The SpeakUp Academy is in session.

The SpeakUp Academy is a 100% free resource sharing tips, tricks, and sage advice from professionals within the compliance, HR, and the whistleblowing technology space to help organisations improve their speak up culture.

For our inaugural edition, we wanted to focus on some of the common obstacles organisations face when setting up or expanding their speak up programmes, and how they can overcome them.

We hosted Vivianne Weehuizen, Legal Compliance Manager at FrieslandCampina, and Ezekiel Ward, Compliance Officer and Founder of North Star Compliance, to dissect 5 Ways to Build a Better Speak Up Culture. In this 30-minute, wide-ranging discussion, Vivianne and Zeke outlined their thoughts on speaking up, and took questions from a live audience.

We set out to look at just five ways organisations can build a better speak up culture, but we went well beyond that, covering a wide variety of topics including:

  • How to properly define your speak up culture
  • Why patience and a clear plan—including a clear mission, goals, and values—is paramount for a programme’s success
  • Why buy-in from leadership, especially the C-suite, is important for a programme’s success
  • How universal whistleblowing standards, especially when working internationally, creates a sense of safety for reporters willing to speak up
  • Why providing the tools that protect a reporter’s anonymity is paramount for building trust
  • Why having a good compliance and governance team creates impact
  • And more!

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This is just the first instalment of what will be a long running information resource. Check out the webinar and start the first step in your journey towards a better speak up culture.

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