AI in whistleblowing: Ethical or risky business?

October 26, 2023

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As the world keeps exploring AI and its many applications, it only makes sense that we question the future of business ethics. Can generative AI help create more openness and transparency? If so, how can we use AI to encourage people to speak up?

If we take a closer look at whistleblowing, generative AI could offer the following:

  • AI-based live translation of messages
  • Chatbot HR and compliance officers
  • Automation of case-management functionalities
  • Enhancement of investigation processes
  • Pro-active monitoring and bot-initiated whistleblowing

…and this is only the tip of the AIceberg. ;)

We’re sure you’ve heard this before: It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Organisations must be ready to confront the challenges that these new norms will create. To help you prepare, we want to ask:

  • If employees are aware that they’re talking to a chatbot, and not a real person, will that make them more inclined or less inclined to speak up?
  • How can compliance professionals become more efficient without harming the company culture?
  • Is it possible to be both AI- and GDPR-friendly?

Just like with all disruptive changes, the risks are significant. Is then the conclusion that AI and speaking up are not a good match? Watch the on-demand version of our webinar to find out.


Olaf Wolters
Legal Operations Manager, Compliance Officer, Legal Counsel

Muel Kaptein
Partner at KPMG Integrity & Compliance, Professor Business Ethics at RSM Erasmus University

Marijn Storm
‎Data Protection & Privacy Lawyer

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